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Barbie copyright, 2012, Mattel, Inc.Every woman has a particular part of her body that she does not like!  It could be the arms (watch them flab!), the tummy (jeez what did the kids do to me!) or the legs (I’m suppose to fit what into those jeans?).  This isn’t something that is new to each woman because even as a teenager, there was that “part” that we hated about ourselves.  It may have changed throughout the years, but the “part” is what haunts us when we look at ourself in the mirror, when we go clothes shopping and when we’re in a bathing suit (aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!).  We women know that our body is not perfect, and if you are the one-in-a-billion female that does, please post below and let me know your secret! 

I  know that my “part” is my thighs!  Argh!  The bad reality about my thighs are that I read one time that the thighs are the one place you can work on, but you will never get rid of!  You inherited your hips and thighs from your mother.  After reading that, I realized that I do have my mother’s thighs, but they look so much better on her.  She’s little, petite and cute as a button.  I’m taller than her, weigh more and these thighs could be thinner for me to be happy! (Oh but mom…I love my hips!  Woo hoo! Shake, shake, shake!)

Why am I using this as my topic tonight?  Well, I don’t have kids this week and thought that I have time to hit the gym again to tone up.  By all means, summertime with bathing suits are coming and I would like to be a little secure in the sun (even though my body is as white as they come).  I did my weights, my ab workout and then got on the elliptical for my mile that I always do (yeah, yeah, yeah, I don’t want to hear how someone else does five miles in fifteen minutes or something amazing like that).  I felt good and got into the hot sauna for a little while (my favorite).  I was sitting there sweating and thought “Maybe this sauna will melt the fat off my thighs!”  As I sit there longer, I realize that there isn’t any sweat coming from my thighs.  The sweat is coming from my stomach, lower back, arms and of all places my boobs.  Pretty much all us women don’t want to lose boobs.  It’s a lot of pain to grow them, to lose them would suck!

Then I thought about the fact that every woman (well probably about 95% of them) in the gym is trying to work on that one “part.” The bad thing is that no matter how much we work that “part,” we’ll never really be happy with it when it probably looks better than anyone else’s around.  As much as guys might think that this is competition between women, it really isn’t.  We have a perceived idea of what we “should” look like from the media around us, or our friends around us when we were growing up, or even the clothes we wear and how they “fit” on us.  “Thin is beautiful!”  Not true, some of the most beautiful people I have met are not the thinnest people.  “I want to look like the Barbie dolls!”  Really?  They did take a Barbie doll and blew it up to a life-size woman and found that a real woman can’t survive with those measurements.  (Here you go if you’re really curious:  http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504763_162-20055694-10391704.html).

We women are visually driven.  This comes from hunting for berries a long, long time ago.  (This is also why we are wonderful with the different shades of colors.  That’s not plain green, its sea foam green!) Not only that, we want perfection.  (Nope, that berry is bruised a little . . . might make the family sick!)  At some point though, we all need to figure out that we’re not picking berries for dinner anymore.  If our thighs, or arms, or stomach, or hips, or nose, etc. aren’t perfect, so what!  Someone out there thinks your perfect and you just need to stop and look at you through their eyes!  Maybe then, we’ll forget about “that particular part!”