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The ongoing battle

I guess its time for my little rant on how men differ than women.  Yes, the physical attributes are definitely noticeable, but have you really looked at the difference of lifestyles for the two sexes.  I am not a feminist, even though I do believe in equality for both genders.  I do understand that our emotional make-up does make us different in the way we view things and tasks.  So men, before you decide that you don’t want to read any further, please take just a moment and see a woman’s point-of-view on our lives.

We women see life as a series of tasks that need to be accomplished on a day-to-day basis, with the outlook of the week ahead of us.  By no means am I saying that men don’t view their tasks this way, and Lord knows I would never try to understand the way a man thinks.  Furthermore, I would never be so presumptuous to say that I understand a man’s way of thinking either.  Our job as a woman, girlfriend, fiance, wife and/or mother, is to keep track of everything.  Our brains have to operate like an elephants!  We keep the house running in an order that everyone is happy and comfortable.  You wouldn’t want to use a toilet that was grimy and nasty, would you?  You wouldn’t want to walk in and find dried spilled milk on the countertop with two sinks full of dishes when you get home from work, would you?  We keep things running in a fine tune order and that alone takes time to learn and accomplish.  Men don’t really seem to care about the latter two things as much as we women do.  I have noticed that two sink full of dishes can sit for days and the man just keeps saying “I’m going to get to that!”  Then, they try to cook and when they need one of the dirty dishes, they clean it off and use it.  Why not take the ten to fifteen minutes to wash all the dishes at once?  (I have ran this “experiment” before, so trust me on this one.)

I also noticed that women see that tasks need to be done regardless of how they feel.  I have cooked dinner, done dishes and laundry all in a night that I was running a fever.  Men are allowed to be babied and taken care of when they’re sick, but women must persevere and push through it.  Otherwise, everything that wasn’t done while you were sick, will still be sitting there when you get well.  As a mother, I have realized that unless I have the flu or can’t get out of the bed I still have keep the house in running order.  Even with the flu, I am still “Mommy” and my name gets worn out more at that time than any other.  I still have to help with homework, video games, glue on the eyeball of the teddy bear that even superglue won’t fix, all the way to answering questions as to what is wrong with me (this question is also asked a few billion times a day). 

I could keep going on and on with this subject, but I understand that you may not want to read all my ranting at one time.  Plus, what will I write about later.  I do want to make mention of one more difference.  When men are reading, watching TV or even working on a car, they are left alone to concentrate and take in the situation.  However, when we women try to read or work from home (that would be the part-time gig right now), it is almost impossible.  The attention that is given on anything else needs to be taken and given to the person that wants it at that very moment.  This is not just children that do this, but even grown men.  Therefore, women must have the ability to concentrate on multiple things at one time and be able to keep both lines of thought in an order that isn’t confusing to them or anyone else.  I try to work or read and that is the time that everyone wants to talk to me and tell me why this isn’t working anymore, or that the dog from across the street came over into our yard today.  If it was really important, couldn’t I have been asked or notified me before I sat down to concentrate?

Oh well, as much as work as it takes to keep things in running order, try to concentrate on multiple things at once and have a lack sleep, it is great being a female.  Men, take just a moment to think about what the woman in your life does around the house, for the kids and for you on a daily basis.  When you’re done thinking on that, then go give her a big hug and tell her that you appreciate her.  That’s all we want from time-to-time is just a little recognition.