To Love or Not To Love?


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Out of all the things we as humans go through, relationships are the hardest.  We have all kinds of relationships in our lives, but the hardest ones are the ones that pertain to the emotion of love.

What is love?

The poets have tried for generations to define love.  Robert Frost said, “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”  William Shakespeare wrote that “love is a spirit of all compact of fire.”  Lastly, Lord Alfred Tennyson defined love as “the only gold.”  Poets have tried to wrap their words around such an emotion, but can only really describe it as an animated feeling that overcomes a person.

With love comes a relationship.  That could be a double-edged sword in the fact that you either want to love the person that your attracted to or you fight yourself from loving that person because of who they are (i.e. sister’s boyfriend, someone who isn’t accepted in the family, etc.).  Regardless, love is not something we can stop feeling for a person.  We can try and we won’t succeed.  It is that powerful of an emotion.  As First Corinthians 13 states, “. . .above all these, love is the greatest.”

Relationships are the hardest because you open yourself to be vulnerable to someone else that you have to trust won’t hurt you.  When the hurt comes, and it always does because we’re human, it stings with a burn that doesn’t go away as quickly as it would with a friend doing the same thing to you.  The burn scars and you are reminded of the pain when you see the scar.  Hopefully, the scar fades as time goes by and the reminder is not there all the time anymore.  Love hurts you the most because of the vulnerability.  You cannot fully love someone without being vulnerable.  You open yourself wide and hope that the person you’re with handles you with kid gloves.

What happens when the pain and the scars build?  You close down.  You no longer leave yourself vulnerable for fear of being hurt again.  Then you see a turn, a change, the alteration of the person after they realize that they have hurt you.  You start to open back up, until your mind “looks” at the scars.  An instinct hits and you shut down.  You push away.  You’re done.  You cannot love without trust.  They leave.

Days go by.  You sit and you wonder why you shut down.  You realize that there was no reason for the shut down except maybe pain would come soon because it was too good to be true.  Something had to be amiss.  Then you see that nothing was amiss.  Nothing bad was going to happen.  You want that person to be there.  You realize your mistake, but also know how things can change to make it work.

Relationships.  This is a scenario that a lot of us go through.  It can even get worse than this (i.e. cheating partners, working in another State, etc.)  Relationships come with problems because no relationship is perfect.  Relationships are not easy to go through.  You are no longer calling all the shots in your world; there is someone else to think about that is part of you.  Part of you that you don’t want to lose.  Part of you that you would never fathom to hurt.  Part of you that makes your world better.

I guess of all the writers and poets, maybe Mark Twain said it best with, “To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.”  Life is better with love in it.  For as much as you hurt from love, remember it will also bring the same amount of joy.  That’s the yin and yang of life.


Surrounded by Relationships!


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We all have them.  We are surrounded by them all the time.  Even when we’re alone, they still linger in the air.  Relationships are consistent in everyone’s life.  No man is ever an island to himself (or women, so I’m not being sexist).  Relationships are what makes our life go round and round.

Think about it.  Our lives are riddled with relationships at every corner. We wake up in the morning and there are our children, husband or even just the dog/cat.  We get in our vehicles, wave at our neighbor and drive to work, to encounter relationships with our boss and co-workers.  We leave from work and go to the grocery store (where we always go) and get in the line with the cashier that we see at least twice a week while we grab yet another gallon of milk.  After we get back into the car, we get a call from a friend to see how our day went and to get the latest gossip.  We go home, make dinner, mingle with the kids and hubby or just feed the dog and love on it for a while.  Mom calls to see how the job is going and just to check in on you.  Then we go to bed.

Relationships.  Humans are not meant to be alone.  God made two of everything, including man so we wouldn’t be alone.  There are various types of relationships:  mother/child, father/child, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, dog/owner, friend/friend, boss/employee, and so on and so on.  Relationships are part of what makes life worth it all.  If one of your relationships are not going well, then all the other ones become a greater importance or you might lean more on one particular relationship than that troublesome relationship.  For instance, you have a problem in a boss/employee relationship, you might go home and lean more towards your husband/wife or friend/friend relationship and talk about what is going on at work. 

So, someone might want to bring up that someone can be an “island” to themselves with no relationships.  Even Emily Dickinson, who was a recluse, had relationships with her friends through writing correspondence.  Furthermore, even though only a few of her poems were published in her lifetime (her sister found them after she died and had the remainder published), Dickinson still had a relationship with her readers.  Even recluses require some type of relationships with the rest of the world.

Relationships are what makes us stronger as a person and teaches us lessons in life.  We look to our relationships around us for support, guidance and sometimes just to have a shoulder to cry on.  We cannot live without the people around us and if you think you could, try staying in your house for just two days without hearing from anyone and being by yourself.  You’ll most likely start feeling like the house is closing in on you, and you’ll be ready to talk to someone (possibly even anyone at that point).  As humans we are social and being social shows us lessons that we apply to our own lives.  This goes for both good and bad relationships that we have with various people. 

All and all, I guess what I’m trying to say is that everyone should stop for one moment . . . think about what relationships you have . . . relish the fact that you aren’t alone, no matter what happens, someone is there.  So go today, hug your significant other, kiss your children, give your dog another treat and tell everyone how important their relationship is to you.  (I would however discourage doing this with the cashier at the grocery store.  This might freak them out a little bit and  it might make you look like a stalker.  Just give them a nice smile and tell them to have a wonderful day, and mean it when you say it!) 

I love you my friends and family!  You are all very important to me and I have learned so much from you all.  My life would not be the same and the road I’m on is because of all of you in my little world!

That Particular Part


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Barbie copyright, 2012, Mattel, Inc.Every woman has a particular part of her body that she does not like!  It could be the arms (watch them flab!), the tummy (jeez what did the kids do to me!) or the legs (I’m suppose to fit what into those jeans?).  This isn’t something that is new to each woman because even as a teenager, there was that “part” that we hated about ourselves.  It may have changed throughout the years, but the “part” is what haunts us when we look at ourself in the mirror, when we go clothes shopping and when we’re in a bathing suit (aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!).  We women know that our body is not perfect, and if you are the one-in-a-billion female that does, please post below and let me know your secret! 

I  know that my “part” is my thighs!  Argh!  The bad reality about my thighs are that I read one time that the thighs are the one place you can work on, but you will never get rid of!  You inherited your hips and thighs from your mother.  After reading that, I realized that I do have my mother’s thighs, but they look so much better on her.  She’s little, petite and cute as a button.  I’m taller than her, weigh more and these thighs could be thinner for me to be happy! (Oh but mom…I love my hips!  Woo hoo! Shake, shake, shake!)

Why am I using this as my topic tonight?  Well, I don’t have kids this week and thought that I have time to hit the gym again to tone up.  By all means, summertime with bathing suits are coming and I would like to be a little secure in the sun (even though my body is as white as they come).  I did my weights, my ab workout and then got on the elliptical for my mile that I always do (yeah, yeah, yeah, I don’t want to hear how someone else does five miles in fifteen minutes or something amazing like that).  I felt good and got into the hot sauna for a little while (my favorite).  I was sitting there sweating and thought “Maybe this sauna will melt the fat off my thighs!”  As I sit there longer, I realize that there isn’t any sweat coming from my thighs.  The sweat is coming from my stomach, lower back, arms and of all places my boobs.  Pretty much all us women don’t want to lose boobs.  It’s a lot of pain to grow them, to lose them would suck!

Then I thought about the fact that every woman (well probably about 95% of them) in the gym is trying to work on that one “part.” The bad thing is that no matter how much we work that “part,” we’ll never really be happy with it when it probably looks better than anyone else’s around.  As much as guys might think that this is competition between women, it really isn’t.  We have a perceived idea of what we “should” look like from the media around us, or our friends around us when we were growing up, or even the clothes we wear and how they “fit” on us.  “Thin is beautiful!”  Not true, some of the most beautiful people I have met are not the thinnest people.  “I want to look like the Barbie dolls!”  Really?  They did take a Barbie doll and blew it up to a life-size woman and found that a real woman can’t survive with those measurements.  (Here you go if you’re really curious:

We women are visually driven.  This comes from hunting for berries a long, long time ago.  (This is also why we are wonderful with the different shades of colors.  That’s not plain green, its sea foam green!) Not only that, we want perfection.  (Nope, that berry is bruised a little . . . might make the family sick!)  At some point though, we all need to figure out that we’re not picking berries for dinner anymore.  If our thighs, or arms, or stomach, or hips, or nose, etc. aren’t perfect, so what!  Someone out there thinks your perfect and you just need to stop and look at you through their eyes!  Maybe then, we’ll forget about “that particular part!”



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I know. Guess I’ll start this like everyone else does when they have been absent from writing for a while.  Things have been busy and being that a lot of thinking has been going on lately, I didn’t want my writing to be effected by it.  Furthermore, due to my mood(s) (depending on the day, it could be plural), coming up with a subject matter has been difficult.  However, tonight the subject hit me and I guess its time for me to write again.

I took my boys to dinner tonight and looked at my oldest and said, “I feel like I want to go to Barnes and Noble, but nothing specific has come to mind to buy.”  He looked at me wide-eyed and stated, “Yes, we haven’t been in a while.  Let’s go!”  On our way to B&N my children and I discussed them getting a new book, as they had read the ones they had in their possession.  However, I still had not a clue what I was looking for when I arrived.  I soon found my answer.

We all walked into B&N together and the boys went running off to the sections they were interested in and it hit me like a brick.  I didn’t need a specific book.  I needed B&N.  Yeah, I know that sounds weird and it’s not specifically B&N I needed, because frankly any bookstore will work for me.  To be surrounded by that many books and have that much of a selection gives me a comfort and makes everything on the outside disappear.  I could spend hours (and have) in a bookstore just gazing at the many types of books, book spines, subject matter, the art work on the covers – I guess you’d say anything and everything about a book.

“So is this the first time I’ve gone to a bookstore for comfort?”, I asked myself.  I realized that it isn’t and it has happened several times in the past.  Since I got divorced four years ago, I have always held that one thing I love to do is going to a bookstore, getting a cup of coffee and sitting there reading the newspaper on a Sunday morning.  I have found myself at times visiting B&N or Books-A-Million on a whim because it was something I knew would make me happy and content.  Bookstores are my solace.  I’m not even really sure why.  My parents read a lot when I grew up and I did as well.  Furthermore, I love and enjoy writing.  It could be the fact that I know the authors of the books I look at put their heart and soul into it regardless of the subject matter.  It was a task, a goal, and a project that they put their blood, sweat and tears into while struggling with the idea, writing and publishing the book.  A sense of accomplishment is held in every book, no matter how “good” or “bad” it is.  The author saw the dream and thought it to be worthy enough to share with the world.

An hour went by and I helped my youngest find a new book to read (my oldest had his picked out in the matter of ten minutes).  It was beginning to be late and something had caught my eye as I walked around looking at the books like they were candy.  Poetry.  I don’t have a really good poetry book and in college, I fell in love with poetry.  The symbolism, meaning, and content of poetry attracted me.  I chose Good Poems selected and introduced by Garrison Keillor and already I’ve found a poem I really like:

She does not need to be loved by you; though she’ll give you credit for good taste.  Just because you say you love her; She’s not throwing herself at your feet in gratitude.

. . .

Most convincing, we know all this not by her preaching but by her presence — it’s no act. Every word and look and movement spells Independence: she likes being herself.

Mae West, Edward Field

From every trip I make to a bookstore, I always feel better when I leave with my new little treasure I choose to take home with me.  From the sound of my oldest’s response when I asked if we should go, maybe he’s a lot like his mother and finds solace at a good bookstore, as well!



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The cat drinks out of the toilet and the dog (male) pees without hiking his leg.  Noah and Gabriel are so different personality-wise from each other, they definitely keep things active and at times you can hear the rumbling of fights throughout the house between the two of them.  I work during the day and sleep at night and my fiance does the total opposite.

Normalcy does not exist in my life, except for me working 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Even that can be off from normal since I am going in earlier because I’m carpooling with my girl Cheryl.  (Thank you Cheryl!)   I know that no one has what is classified as a “normal life”, but someone had to come up with the term to have a definition for it.  Right?   

My friends wouldn’t really be classified as a “normal” set of friends either.  (Before you get offended, read further please.)  My friends come from a wide range of backgrounds and are all different ages.  I have friends with kids and no kids, married and single, in their 30s and 50s, and each one of them bring a special quality of life to the table.  It enriches my life every moment I spend with them.  I know if I want to sit around the house and do nothing, then I have someone to call and invite over to watch movies with me.  If I want to go out and burn down the town, then I know I have someone to call for that task as well.   However, if I ever need one of my friends to have my back and defend me, they ALL will do that.

My household runs a little bit different due to the schedules being so off-the-wall around my house.  Between me working during the day full-time and then on extra work at home in the evenings, I don’t have much time for anything personal.  The boys come home and are quiet so my fiance can sleep and even the two of them get home at different times.  (Luckily the older one comes home before the younger one gets off the bus.)  Dinner time around my house is a riot.  We’re slinging food, looking for something to make and the boys and I work together to get a meal cooked.  I wake my fiance up at 8:30 p.m. so he can eat dinner and get ready to leave for work at 9:30 p.m.  The boys go to bed at 8:30 or 9:00 p.m., depending whether or not its a school night.  I’m exhausted come 10:00 p.m. and I barely see the news anymore. 

So, I guess the question above all of this blog would be, is my life not normal because I’m not normal?  I never claimed to be a normal person anyways.  I’m always full of energy, gumption and ready to take the world on, but at times I can be very laid back, quiet and just go with the flow of everything.  My schedule and life is so different from day-to-day, I don’t feel like normalcy is anywhere in my near future — especially with my oldest almost a teenager!  So, what do you think?  What is your definition of a “normal life”?  Does such a thing exist?  If so, how do we attain that goal and continue to maintain normalcy?

Men vs. Women


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The ongoing battle

I guess its time for my little rant on how men differ than women.  Yes, the physical attributes are definitely noticeable, but have you really looked at the difference of lifestyles for the two sexes.  I am not a feminist, even though I do believe in equality for both genders.  I do understand that our emotional make-up does make us different in the way we view things and tasks.  So men, before you decide that you don’t want to read any further, please take just a moment and see a woman’s point-of-view on our lives.

We women see life as a series of tasks that need to be accomplished on a day-to-day basis, with the outlook of the week ahead of us.  By no means am I saying that men don’t view their tasks this way, and Lord knows I would never try to understand the way a man thinks.  Furthermore, I would never be so presumptuous to say that I understand a man’s way of thinking either.  Our job as a woman, girlfriend, fiance, wife and/or mother, is to keep track of everything.  Our brains have to operate like an elephants!  We keep the house running in an order that everyone is happy and comfortable.  You wouldn’t want to use a toilet that was grimy and nasty, would you?  You wouldn’t want to walk in and find dried spilled milk on the countertop with two sinks full of dishes when you get home from work, would you?  We keep things running in a fine tune order and that alone takes time to learn and accomplish.  Men don’t really seem to care about the latter two things as much as we women do.  I have noticed that two sink full of dishes can sit for days and the man just keeps saying “I’m going to get to that!”  Then, they try to cook and when they need one of the dirty dishes, they clean it off and use it.  Why not take the ten to fifteen minutes to wash all the dishes at once?  (I have ran this “experiment” before, so trust me on this one.)

I also noticed that women see that tasks need to be done regardless of how they feel.  I have cooked dinner, done dishes and laundry all in a night that I was running a fever.  Men are allowed to be babied and taken care of when they’re sick, but women must persevere and push through it.  Otherwise, everything that wasn’t done while you were sick, will still be sitting there when you get well.  As a mother, I have realized that unless I have the flu or can’t get out of the bed I still have keep the house in running order.  Even with the flu, I am still “Mommy” and my name gets worn out more at that time than any other.  I still have to help with homework, video games, glue on the eyeball of the teddy bear that even superglue won’t fix, all the way to answering questions as to what is wrong with me (this question is also asked a few billion times a day). 

I could keep going on and on with this subject, but I understand that you may not want to read all my ranting at one time.  Plus, what will I write about later.  I do want to make mention of one more difference.  When men are reading, watching TV or even working on a car, they are left alone to concentrate and take in the situation.  However, when we women try to read or work from home (that would be the part-time gig right now), it is almost impossible.  The attention that is given on anything else needs to be taken and given to the person that wants it at that very moment.  This is not just children that do this, but even grown men.  Therefore, women must have the ability to concentrate on multiple things at one time and be able to keep both lines of thought in an order that isn’t confusing to them or anyone else.  I try to work or read and that is the time that everyone wants to talk to me and tell me why this isn’t working anymore, or that the dog from across the street came over into our yard today.  If it was really important, couldn’t I have been asked or notified me before I sat down to concentrate?

Oh well, as much as work as it takes to keep things in running order, try to concentrate on multiple things at once and have a lack sleep, it is great being a female.  Men, take just a moment to think about what the woman in your life does around the house, for the kids and for you on a daily basis.  When you’re done thinking on that, then go give her a big hug and tell her that you appreciate her.  That’s all we want from time-to-time is just a little recognition.

Building of a Christmas Tree


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Building of the tree

As exhausted as I am from Black Friday shopping last night, I knew I had to get the house decorated today as is tradition in this household.  I know now that my job of decorating the house is done and I can work on Christmas shopping, baking, crafts and wrapping of presents.  The next month will be a busy one, as I’m sure everyone elses will be too.  But of all the things I enjoyed today, it was the “building” of the Christmas tree.

I call it “building” because that is exactly what I do each year.  My tree is a 6.5′ fake tree that I got my first Christmas divorced at Kmart on Black Friday.  The tree is prelit because there is nothing more that I hate to do than wrap lights around the tree.  So, first I have to drag it from the attic and get all the heavy pieces out of the box.  Then, I pull all the branches apart and make the tree look full.  This is a scratchy job that no one else in the house wants to do, so its me alone with Christmas carols playing for about two hours (depending on how many times “mommy” is called for this duration of pain I go through).  This always reminds me of that first Christmas divorced thinking that it was just me and the boys to decorate the tree and that it would be my job to place the angel instead of the “man” of the house.  I remember the independence as well as the fear of doing the whole Christmas season by myself for the first time.

Next, was the garland.  Normally I use tinsel garland which at the end of the season gets thrown away because I get upset with the mess it caused when I took the tree down.  This year, my fiance suggested getting the beaded garland as it reminds him of popcorn on the tree and I like that idea as well.  I wrapped the tree (this also is a job I do by myself). . . and re-wrapped the tree.  I can never get the garland to go around the tree perfect the first time.  Surprisingly, this is the same reason why I don’t like to do Christmas lights.  I stood back and appreciated the work I had done and hollered for the boys. Continue reading



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Ah, wouldn’t it be nice to have enough money that you would be able to buy what you want, anytime you want?  And, when the holidays came around, you could just buy the items that are perfect for the people on your shopping list.  When something breaks at the house (and yes, it would be a very nice house), you can hire anyone you want to get the job done regardless of the cost-per-hour.  You could go to the car lot and buy whatever car you desired and get it in any color you wanted or even buy two of the same car in two different colors if you couldn’t decide which one you liked best. 

I wouldn’t own an alarm clock because, I would have no reason to get up early in the morning.  I would do all my volunteering at the children’s hospital in the afternoon to make sure I got all my beauty rest.   Coffee and shopping with the girls would also be done in the afternoon as well.  I wouldn’t have to worry about getting up early to get the kids to school.  The nanny and the chauffeur would make sure they’d be there on time every morning.  I could help with homework in the afternoon when they return home from the elite private school they would be attending.  Then I would have more time with them in the evenings because the chef and the maid would make sure dinner would be on the table and cleaned up without me touching a dish.  I wouldn’t have to go grocery shopping at all and because of this, I wouldn’t have to hear the kids say “Oh man, grocery shopping!”

We would travel abroad and take trips to Italy, France, and England to name a few.  I would share original artwork with the kids and explain why the ruins of Greece were so significant.  We would visit Australia to see the kangaroos hop free during a walk-a-bout.  My fiance and I would take a gondola ride through the Venetian waterways in Venice.  I would fly our families to the Caribbean to watch us get married on the beach with the clearest water during sunset.

Ah, to be rich and carefree…..don’t you ever wonder how your life would change if you no longer had to worry about money.  How much greener is the grass on the other side?  Would I stay the same person I am now, or would I change in ways my friends and family wouldn’t much care for if I had all that money?  Not that I would be greedy with it.  They would all have money too.  I guess everyone has to daydream from time-to-time.  Hmmm….

Guess its back to work for me.  Enough daydreaming before I lose my job and then I’m broke for sure and things turn for the worse!

Christmas Before Thanksgiving


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Perfectly stated for today's world!

I am a preparer (if such a word even exists).  I organize everything in a certain way before needing “it” and this is the way I’ve been throughout my adult years.  (You’d have to ask my mother about my childhood on this one.)  I believe that if I can have everything in order, the more “trouble-free” the event or project will go.  I’m the one that puts all the screws to build a new piece of furniture in separate bowls to make sure I can find them while building the grand furnishing.  I’m the one that reads through the entire recipe and then pull all the ingredients out and measure them to perfection before completing the first step of the masterful dish.  As a soccer coach, I had all my drills or game plans done the night before so I wouldn’t feel rushed or unprepared the next day.  I love being ready for whatever is coming my way!

With this being said, I do dislike one preparation that I have seen lately – Christmas before Thanksgiving.  I’ve been dealing with the commercialization of Christmas in the stores for years – as we all have seen, I’m sure.  This year Christmas decorations were out in late September with Christmas carols being played on the speakers.  I just shook my head, tuned out the music, and went on with the remainder of my shopping avoiding that section of the store.  Why does such a wonderful holiday – albeit stressful too – have to be so commercialized by the stores?  I thought about this and tried to make a positive out of a potential negative.  Maybe the stores are trying to make more money for the season that everyone is going to be strapped for cash during and I also thought it might be okay for us broke people to buy when we actually have a few bucks in our pockets. So be it.

What’s really crawling under my skin though, is the fact that I drive down my road and see Christmas lights up and already lit.  Two nights ago, I noticed that our neighbor three doors down already had baby Jesus in the manger sitting in their big glorious front yard.  Tonight, all the lights were glowing, Tigger with Pooh Bear was blown up and baby Jesus with sweet Mary and Joseph are sitting in the middle of the barn animals.  It’s not just them.  The house on the corner has their Christmas lights around their door shining bright and the house five houses up actually have their Christmas tree shining through the window with two lit pine trees on their front porch.

I can understand that we have had great weather these past few days while we experienced our Indian Summer as we do every year at this time.  I agree putting your lights up in sixty or seventy degree weather is more comfortable than completing this daunting task in thirty or forty degree windy conditions.  My only question is, why do you have to turn the lights on?  Can the pretty twinkley lights stay off until after Thanksgiving and then you can blast the neighborhood with your glow?

I guess I’m just a traditionalist.  I like to keep my holidays separate.  I think my mother instilled this in me as a child since my birthday is December 18th, exactly one week from Christmas.  She didn’t want me to be confused between my birthday and Christmas.  On December 19th, we would put the tree up and decorate the house. I like Halloween.  I like Thanksgiving.  I like Christmas.  They are all three different holidays celebrated for separate reasons.  Let’s enjoy each holiday for the thankfulness and the giving when they’re suppose to be glorified.  As for me, I’m looking forward to the turkey on Thanksgiving, the shopping on Black Friday and when I come home that Friday, then I’ll decorate the house for Christmas!

For Everything There Is A Season


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This is the way I like to picture myself when I'm gardening!

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.

This was the sermon I heard today on this beautiful Sunday.  No, I missed church this morning but when I stepped outside, I figured I would do what the Amish call, “God’s work.”  I bedded my garden down for the Winter.

As I pulled all the weeds that crept up in the cold weather we’ve been having, I remembered pulling the weeds during the warm and hot weather between the tomatoes and zucchini.  I remembered the back-breaking work that I did to start the garden in the Spring and how I stood back afterwards realizing that I had actually shoveled all the grass out by hand.  (I didn’t have a vehicle big enough for a tiller to fit in at that time.)  I remembered the first tomato coming in and the anticipation of when it would be ripe enough to eat with tuna fish!  My boys watched the watermelons grow and prayed the raccoons didn’t eat them before we could.

This would be one of my boys with the rewards!

As much as I remembered the good part of the garden, I also remembered the lessons I learned throughout this season of what will be changed next year.  We were devastated when we came out one morning and the deer had decided to eat, or at least taste, all ten of the tomato plants and the fruits it produced for us.  I learned to definitely put a fence up next year.  I also learned that no one around here really likes to help me with weeding the big garden, but they sure do love eating the vegetables that come from it.  I think next year I’ll implement a “weeding” schedule with the boys.

I was alone out there with my iPod, a metal rake and my two hands.  Bend down, pull the weeds, and throw them out of the garden.  This is the routine all gardeners have to do from time-to-time.  Once that was done, I pulled all the plants and placed them in the garden to decompose and re-gift the ground with the nutrients they hold.  Lastly, I placed a healthy layer of leaves over the whole area so they can decompose, as well as keep weeds out before I till the ground next Spring.  Step-by-step, I watched my garden transform into a big area that was bear and leaf laden.  I stood back several times and just admired the hard work, but also reminisced about the hard work and beauty of the garden throughout the Spring and Summer.

Even though our weather is beautiful today, I understand that to everything there is a season and that a garden is God’s way of reminding us of this.  Now that the garden is done, I believe I will do the same and “bed” myself down for the Winter months and remember that the Spring will be here in its good timing.  As a matter of fact, I believe I’ll sit right here, watch the football game and make myself a nice, warm scarf!